• Interview with G Rajesh, Blog Editor (Silicon India)

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    In an exclusive interview with G. Rajesh, Blog Editor of http://www.siliconindia.com/ who talks about the state of SEO in India, and the impact of recession on online businesses.

    What is the state of SEO / SEM in India?

    In India, a very few people know about SEO/SEM in comparison to other countries. The reason being is that SEO is still perceived as a technological devise of tweaking some keywords and meta tags, and not like a marketing devise that needs a long term strategy. A seo expert needs to be skilled in online marketing techniques, seo techniques, project management, content management, strategy management, as well as understand the search engines changing algorithms. The emergence of various local e-commerce, social and professional networking sites has helped in the evolution of online business in India. I feel that SEO still has a long way to go in India because its potential is yet to be tapped by people and organizations here.

    2. How is SEO / SEM helping organizations tide over recession?

    Recession has lead to intense competition amongst companies. Only the fittest will be able to emerge out as winners. With the decreasing marketing budgets on traditional media channels (like television, outdoor, radio and print), companies are looking for better and cheaper alternatives like online marketing. In these difficult times, a SEO expert can assist these companies in getting their keywords on the top in search listings, thus driving additional traffic and business.

    3. What is the future of SEO / SEM (in India / globally)?

    SEO’s future is very bright provided it is used appropriately. I personally feel lack of awareness amongst companies about SEO is basic reason as to why it’s limited to few. For the better future of SEO in companies worldwide, employers needs to realise it’s benefit in the long term. Refinement in search to get desired result is one thing which will definitely have an impact on the future of SEO.

    4. What do you look for in an SEO expert / SEO consultancy before hiring?

    Given an opportunity to hire an SEO expert I will look at how well they have done in ranking for their keywords (e.g. if I want to hire a seo expert from mumbai, and I type ‘seo expert mumbai‘ in the search box, the seo expert or seo company I plan to hire should rank in the top 5 in major engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN), and for their clients websites as well. Other things like good knowledge of social bookmarking, article writing, and link building will be an added plus.

    5. What is the core expertise of Silicon India?

    Core expertise of http://www.siliconindia.com/ lies in providing its users what they look forward to in a professional networking site. We update professionals with recent happening in technological and professional both in terms of quality and quantity.

    7. What features are available and what new features do you plan to add to the site to improve its USP and provide better values to your userbase ?

    We are India’s largest professional networking website, we aim at giving right direction to power of networking. Popular feature include:

    News ( Latest update of both technological and professional front)
    Blogs ( Enabling professionals to share their expertise for the benefit of the readers)
    Communities ( Linking like minded professionals under one head)
    Q& A ( A platform to get all your queries answered by professionals)
    Training Videos ( Get accessed to collection of video by Industry Experts)
    Education (Giving MBA aspirants a platform to find all relevant information pertaining to MBA)
    Job & Careers (Get the information of Jobs not listed any where else)