• Paradox of SEO / SEM in India by Deepak Chauhan (CIO)

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    The Indian SEO /SEM story can be divided into 2 streams. On one end, we have a very mature and talented pool of SEO /SEM experts who have cutting edge expertise but it benefits MNCs and other foreign websites rather than Indian websites. Thanks to the outsourcing boom and then due to recession, Indian SEO / SEM experts are often called upon to device better ways to make foreign websites and business models more efficient and cost effective.

    On the other hand, we have the nascent Indian online industry .We have few E-commerce sites which can be counted on the fingertips. This is mainly because of low internet penetration in India. This is due to lack of proper infrastructure, bandwidth constraints, as well as immature legal system. The people do not have faith in the legal system because there is no way to address issues that can happen if something goes wrong with online purchase or transactions.

    The behavior of Indian customer too is not suited to online business. Even today, a majority of Indian customers buy a product, not a brand. This leads to credibility and quality issue and it is difficult for the customer to know whether the product is genuine and available in correct measured quantity. India needs to transit from product purchase to a brand purchase mentality before its online business and E-commerce matures.

    However, the future of SEO /SEM is bright in India because thanks to maturing retail industry, Indian e-commerce websites, too, are slowly making their presence felt on the global internet scene and thanks to a large pool of IT as well as SEO / SEM experts, people are slowly realizing the benefits of online business and online transactions.

    Thanks to recession, SEO / SEM is becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. Indian businesses are realizing that there is no way to skip or ignore it. SEO / SEM can even help new upcoming sites or players to feature prominently in search engines and establish global presence and generate more business.

    About the Author
    Deepak Chauhan is the CIO of DMCL, an Essel Group of Company which focuses on Internet and Mobile Entertainment solutions. He has more than 14 years experience in Internet domain, especially related to Entertainment. eCommerce and Online Brand consulting.
    He has worked with B4U Television before joining Essel Group. He is better known for motivating his peers and his team and taking them to productive heights. Deepak is instrumental in the successful implementation of DMCL’s flagship entertainment portal http://www.mypopkorn.com/ and prestigious http://www.veria.com/.