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    I have mentioned several times in my previous posts that it’s best to target one keyword phrase per page but there may be situations where you may need to place two keyword phrases on one page.

    There are many different opinions about this technique in the seo world, and many top ranked sites have a long list of keywords stuffed into the keyword tag on each page. There are many reasons why these sites with multiple keywords could be ranking high, like quality and number of links, link reputation and sometimes even age of the domain.

    But I ask you, if you were a search engine which would you prefer, a page with one keyword and the Meta tags and body content of the page focused around that keyword, or multiple keywords on a page with no focus.

    Assuming you are onboard with me on this (or just feel like reading further) let’s see how we can optimize two keywords on one page!

    An example:

    On a page offering seo content services, you may want to target the keyword phrase seo content services and seo friendly content services. It hardly makes sense to create another page focused around seo friendly content services, and yet we want our page to be set for the exact match, as well as the inexact match.

    To explain further, though our primary focus is to target users typing seo content services, we also don’t want to lose out on users typing in seo friendly content services. At the end of the day one never really knows what the user will type in exactly while searching for products and services you offer, but if a user types in seo friendly content services, and if your page is optimized for that exact keyword phrase, it would rank higher than a page that is optimized around seo content services only.

    SEO Expert Secret Tip

    If you had just one keyword phrase, you would have placed that keyword phrase in the Meta tags like title, description, heading tags, link text, image names (works for some engines) and in the body content of the page.

    In case of two keyword phrases for a page, we would have the Primary Keyword phrase, and the Secondary keyword phrase that needs to be placed strategically on one page.

    The Primary keyword phrase is used in the title, other Meta tags (except in the description tag) and in one well written sentence in the upper content on the page.

    The Secondary keyword phrase is used in the Meta tags (description tag only, and what work nicely into the writing), and in one well written sentence each in the content on the page. After that use the individual words in both the keyword phrases within the content for that page as they fall naturally and reads well.

    There, now you have the secret to working with two keywords in one page.

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