• The 6th Key to Succeed at SEO

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    If you have not read 5 “little known” Keys to Succeed at SEO, then I suggest you do that first.

    For those whose comments resulted in the inspiration to write this post, I wish to thank you for your participation, and for playing along with my request.

    In my last post I had mentioned the 5 Keys that will help you succeed at SEO.

    1. Patience
    2. Consistency
    3. Persistence
    4. Creativity
    5. Passion

    The 6th Key to Succeeding at SEO is “Purpose”

    To understand “purpose” let me tell you a story about finding purpose and vision, and somewhere in this story you may stumble upon (pardon the intended pun here) your own story, your own purpose, and your own vision.

    Before we embark on this journey, keep in mind before you can unlock the potential of the 6th Key you will have to unlock the first 5 Keys first – You will have to work hard to find your passion and creativity, and learn to be patient and consistent.

    Incase you are wondering what “purpose” has to do with succeeding as a SEO expert, then read on …

    I Lacked Vision and Purpose in Life

    I started my career as an entrepreneur. If you think that is lucky, then hear me out for the remainder of this story.

    Enticed with the endless possibilities of the dot com world, I ventured bravely into the unknown with my start up Web Development Company. Just out of college, I had a vision that the Internet would fulfill all my bigger than life ambitions, and desires.

    And it did for the next 4 years, I grew from a 3 member team to a team of 70, the office had shifted from a room at my residence into a sprawling 4000 sq foot swanky office, my name was hailed across the national press as the youngest entrepreneur to get venture capital funding, there were clients lining up at the door, and it seemed life could not get any better.

    … But is it possible that this is not what I wanted from life anymore?

    Read the complete story to finding “purpose”