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    Thanks to all the readers who participated by commenting on 5“little known” Keys to Succeed at SEO.

    The strategy outlined below works so well that I have decided to include it in my manifesto, The Right SEO Strategy Ahead. For those who are not familiar with the strategies listed in the manifesto, please read it first as it contains the exact strategies I will use to help you succeed in your online business.

    Coming back to the topic of this post…

    Have you heard the phrase “reference worthy” content? From the SEO perspective, it means creating original, informative and engaging content, and then making that content visible across relevant user, web and social communities with the purpose of attracting traffic and natural links.

    The results of this SEO activity if done consistently week after week can dramatically enhance your web, link and social reputation. This in turn influences the search rankings of your select keywords.

    In many of my previous posts I have highlighted the importance of creating ‘reference worthy” or “link worthy” content. In this post however, I would like to talk about “turbo charging” your content by making it “campaign worthy”.

    So what is “campaign worthy” content?

    It is a blog post, an article story, or a video that has the potential for maximum visibility and popularity across social bookmarking and social media sites. By popularity, I mean getting other users to vote, review or thumbs up your content.

    Earlier I used to suggest promotion of your content in 10 – 15 social bookmarking sites, and then get 3 to 5 thumbs up from other users for a permanent link. Now this is still a very good SEO strategy you should continue to follow, but how about instead of 3 to 5 thumbs up we try and get 25 to 50 users to vote for your content.

    By getting more users to vote for your content, the chances of your story going “hot” in the social communities will increase, and so will the traffic to your website. Search engines rank a page based on the number of quality and relevant links (one of the important metrics) to that page.

    If your story goes hot, then more webmasters will link back to your story, increasing the number of natural links to that story page. Also the more hot stories you syndicate, the better will be your social reputation. This in turn will again influence your search rankings.

    Ideally you should choose 1 blog post/ article/ video (or create one specifically for this purpose)which you feel has maximum potential to become a “hot story” and then run a campaign across 3 to 4 select social bookmarking sites like Stumble Upon, Digg, YouTube, Mixx for a WEEK.

    This week long campaign can have a tripling effect on the traffic numbers on your site for the duration of the campaign.

    The number of visitors will dwindle down once the campaign ends, which is why you need to repeat the campaign with new exciting content every month.

    The Right SEO Strategy (with Revisions)

    Natural Link Building, Social Media & Reputation Management

    1. Be consistent in creating unique, compelling and resourceful content in the form of articles/ blog posts – 3 to 4 a WEEK.

    2. Be consistent in syndication of the articles to 10 relevant and popular article submissions sites each WEEK.

    3. Be consistent in promotion of the same content links across 10 to 15 relevant and popular social bookmarking sites each WEEK.

    4. Be consistent in attracting 3 to 5 user thumbs up/ reviews for content posted each WEEK.

    5. Be consistent in submitting one blog post/ article/ video to 3 to 4 selected social bookmarking sites and get 25 to 50 votes, reviews or thumbs up for your content. This should be a “week-long” campaign and ideally done ONCE a MONTH.

    6. Be consistent in participating in 3 to 4 relevant blogs, by blog commenting and forum postings each WEEK.

    7. Every MONTH be consistent in building a few industry specific links, relevant web directory links, 1 or 2 PR releases, etc.

    Read more on the Right SEO Strategy Ahead

    Use the expert SEO strategies outlined above and you will be on your way to creating value, building web, link and social reputation, natural links, higher search rankings and traffic.