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    You have done well with the top 2 to 3 keywords of your website and they are listed in top 3 in search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN, but you are just not getting anywhere with those other elusive keywords that could be driving traffic to your website.

    If the above scenario sounds familiar, then you are part of thousands of other website owners who feel they are not being able to target and rank for those additional keywords they found after much hard work and analysis.

    Now we all know that finding the right keywords is not an easy job. Even a SEO expert will agree to that. It takes a considerable amount of investment in time and skill to identify winning keywords using various keyword analysis tools, and in analyzing user preferences and the competition.

    I can imagine the frustration when all that hard work sees no payoff.

    The main reason this problem occurs is that search engines prefer that the pages are optimized around just one or two keywords, and those keywords appear in your title, description, other relevant META tags including the body content.

    So if your website has 10 pages, then ideally only 10 to 12 keywords should be targeted. Then what happens to the other 20 keywords you found that have the potential to drive that extra traffic to your website.

    The solution to the above problem can be found in creating Gateway Pages or Information Pages.

    A gateway page is a highly focused page created around a specific keyword you want to target for search engine listings. So the additional keyword that found no space in your existing website’s structure (and in the search engines indexes) can now be targeted using gateway pages.

    These highly focused pages act like additional entry points to your website. Each page represents a keyword or a keyword phrase you want to target, and each keyword targeted, means additional traffic to your website.

    The best part is you can create as many number of gateway pages without redesigning your website.

    Gateway pages are content rich pages and are useful for the users, as well as search engines. The user love information rich pages that solve their problem/need, and search engines love nicely optimized focused pages that can satisfy the users query for that keyword.

    So is there anything magical about gateway pages? No, they are the same like any other normal page you would optimize for your website.

    You would follow the same SEO principles one applies while working with normal pages which includes:

    1. Focus the page around 1 keyword or keyword phrase only.

    2. Focus the page around a topic/theme.

    3. Ensure that the page name, title, Meta tags, and body content are written around that keyword.

    4. Gateway pages can be scaled down versions of your existing design interface (the focus is on the content) so they load faster and can rank far better than heavily designed pages).

    5. Write content that appeals to the user and not the search engines.

    6. Write around 400 to 600 words of body content around that topic.

    7. Use headings and sub headings to layout your content, and use the keyword in the heading tags like H1, H2.

    8. Use the keyword (check keyword weight) in the body content.

    9. The first 25 words of your body content should be keyword rich, and then evenly distribute the keyword in the remaining body content. Make sure it reads well.

    10. Build links from your gateway pages to your website and from your site to gateway pages.

    11. Link to other pages in your website that are related in content.

    12. Link to other popular sites with similar content that could add value to your readers.

    13. Get links from popular and related sites to your gateway pages.

    14. Include gateway pages in your sitemap.

    15. Gateway pages can be linked to sections like articles, resources & tips, how-to etc.

    16. Your gateway pages can also be submitted to article submission sites without your article being treated like duplicate content by search engines.

    17. Add one new page of content to your website each week i.e. One new keyword targeted each week.

    Your gateway pages are an ideal way to target new keywords, and at the same time giving fresh and useful content to your users and search engines.

    At the end of the day what is it that people want to know? Are your potential customers looking for how-to articles, reference material, comparison charts, interviews, financial or technical advice, contact numbers, FAQ’s, tips and tricks, location maps etc?

    Some cautions while creating gateway pages

    1. Don’t create information pages with the same or just rehashed content as on your website or worse from a website off the internet.

    2. Don’t create copies of your index page and use them as information pages.

    So you now have the secret to targetting additional keywords – by creating content rich pages and optimizing your Meta tags around that keyword.

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