• Get Your New Blog Noticed (Part 1)

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    In my previous posts, I have covered Why Search Engines Love Blogs! And So Should You, and highlighted that search engines do love blogs and bloggers.

    Also for those who need a little inspiration on starting your first blog, do read about My Love and Hate Relationship with Blogging which also explores the synergy between blogs, search engines, rankings and keywords.

    This article is for those few brave souls, who have just initiated their journey into blogging, and need that amazing high one gets when your blog is finally getting read by a substantial number of readers.

    Please track your blog readers using services like Google Analytics, it just takes 10minutes, and it will provide you with a vault of valuable information on your reader’s preferences, where your readers come from, and how they interact with your blog.

    For those of you thinking about right now “Hey, I like writing for the love of it, and I don’t need any readers for approval”, I would like to say kudos to you, and do continue the good work.

    But if you are serious about sharing your hard work (its blood sweat and tears when you have to do it 5 times a week) with the millions of users searching blogs daily, then let’s continue our journey down the rabbit hole.

    A quick recap on the statistics on Blogging – comScore MediaMetrix (August 2008)
    • Total internet audience 188.9 million
    • Blogs: 77.7 million unique visitors in the US alone
    • Facebook: 41.0 million
    • MySpace 75.1 million

    Well that the good news!

    But the bad news is that with the thousands of new blogs churning out each day, what hope is there for a reader interested in your topic to reach you. You many have written brilliant masterpieces, but how do you let others know that (remember most poets and artists die poor and unrecognized because they don’t reach out to share themselves with others.

    In this post, I will not get into details about the quality of your content, and I am assuming you have written good clean copy. Good copy being informative, entertaining and engaging (Don’t forget to get your keywords in the body content as well the labels/tags).

    There are various ways to promote your blog and reach out to the millions out there. The strategies below will not only assist you in getting more traffic to your blog, but also get you higher rankings for your blog, as well as corporate site (if you have one).

    I have personally applied all the strategies listed below, and learnt the hard way by the many mistakes one makes when trying something new. This is months of hard work on a platter for you! Enjoy.

    Since this blog post is going to become too long, I am going to break it up into 2 parts. I will be putting up the blog promotion strategies that have worked for me in the next blog post Get your New Blog Noticed (Part 2).