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    A large part of off-page SEO strategies revolve around link building, directory submissions, article submissions, social bookmarking, vertical engines submissions and blogger reviews.

    While blogger reviews may not have made it into mainline internet marketing strategies for companies in India as of yet, it is slowly becoming an important marketing strategy that SEO experts are adopting to achieve higher rankings in search engine results for their clients.

    The main reason is that getting links from established, well promoted and high profile bloggers to your website, and to certain important pages of your website (i.e. deep linking) gives you permanent one-way links to the inner pages of your content.

    Link building within relevant content (to the inner pages of your website) is great for search engine rankings and building quality links. Any SEO expert will vouch how difficult it is to achieve that with only directory submissions and other forms of link building.

    Well established bloggers have built a reputation and readership over the years, and their readers trust their reviews and opinions. Getting an honest review of your products and services from such bloggers will give your website instant credibility amongst their readers in addition to build permanent one way links to your website.

    What’s important to note is the word “honest review”. Don’t expect the blogger to write some fantastical review about a product or service that’s not up to the mark. Most bloggers value their credibility built over years, and will not damage it for one review.

    When a blogger endorses or reviews a product or service, they are in fact telling their readers that they have tried the product, or used the service and give their honest opinion about it.

    This stamp of approval (and sometimes even a critical comment) from an established blogger will get the traffic to your product, service or website.

    If you do get a critical comment from a blogger who is reviewing your product or service, ensure that you answer that comment immediately. This lets the bloggers readers know that you are interested in enhancing your product and service and value suggestions to improve the same.

    Later on you can let that blogger and his readers know that you have implemented that suggestion. Can you see how this could go a long way in building your credibility and business online?

    All marketers will agree that there is no better marketing strategy than the good ol’ word-of-mouth, and in the online business it no different.

    While selecting a blogger to review your product or services:

    1. Ensure that the blogger is well established (blogging for atleast a year)

    2. Check the Page Rank for the Blog (atleast 2 or above is good.

    3. Ask to check the hits report or Google Analytics report for the blog

    4. What is the profile of people who visit the blog? Would this TG (Target Audience) be interested in knowing more about your products and services?

    5. Read through the blogger last few posts, the quality of his writing, and the time gap between the posts. Check for consistency, good style of writing and passion.

    6. Check to see if readers are leaving behind intelligent comments, and if the blogger is replying satisfactorily to those immediately.

    At the end of the day, Bloggers are consumers themselves and like reviewing and giving their opinions about brands, products and services they like or dislike. Bloggers are humans and feel and think like you, so build a relationship that’s not based on link building.

    And lastly, always do a follow up with the bloggers within a month and ask them how you can be of help to them and their readers. Many bloggers may just tell you what they are looking for, and be willing to give credit to the source of information.

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