• Leverage by Commenting on Relevant Blogs (Part 1)

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    You have an opinion, like participating in discussions, and debating seems a way of life for you then you can use the power of leveraging by commenting on various relevant blogs.

    These powerful words will get your website or blog noticed in a crowded blogosphere, get you noticed as an active participant (nobody likes a dull boy), add to your credibility as an expert in your domain, and get you additional links that will point back to your domain.

    But be wary, leveraging by leaving comments is hard work, time consuming and frustrating at times. So homework is your best option (this is coming from someone who hates the word homework).

    Let’s have a look at the numbers:

    Statistics on Blogging – comScore MediaMetrix (August 2008)

    • Total internet audience 188.9 million
    Blogs: 77.7 million unique visitors in the US alone
    • Facebook: 41.0 million

    With these big numbers, it’s very important to know which blogs to select and track, which ones to leave comments on, and which ones will form part of your SEO strategy.

    1. Choose relevant blogs

    You can start by choosing relevant blogs. Don’t leave comments on a blog where you don’t know anything about the subject, and have no interest in the topics being posted. Instead choose blogs that are relevant to your knowledge, experience and where you can offer a meaningful link back in case any other readers want to know more about you, or your work.

    Ask yourself honest questions. Will the readers of this blog be interested in what I have to say (and no, everyone does not think you are an expert)? Will my comments add value to the topics being discussed?

    Choosing relevant blogs and intelligently commenting on the topic being discussed will add to your credibility as someone who is passionate and interested in that domain.

    2. Choose relevant bloggers

    Who are relevant bloggers? You can start by checking the date when the blogger started the blog. You can do this by checking the bloggers profile page. Blogging is hard work and only the committed can survive, so if the person been blogging for more than a year he is serious.

    Check for the frequency of the posts. Has the blogger been consistent in his posts? The best bloggers are committed to writing a blog atleast 4 to 5 times a week. Readers look forward to knowing that if they go to the blog today they will get some new information. Bloggers that stick to their deadline commitments are often those who have a good reader base.

    Also take time and read the posts. Is the blogger passionate about the topics he speaks about? Is the blogger knowledgeable in his domain? Does the blogger write well? The best way to find that out is to read 5 to 10 recent posts and dig in to read 5 to 10 older posts. In this way you will have some idea on how the blogger writes and the growth in writing style and knowledge over time.

    3. Choose prominent blogs

    How does one decide whether a blog is prominent or not? You can check the page rank of the blog on Google toolbar, or check their ranking on blog search engines like Technorati. Sites like Technorati also give the blog rank and authority as well, so since you are going to spend your valuable time commenting on blogs, ensure its ranked well.

    It’s ok to be picky here, you won’t have the time to read, track and make interesting comments on 50 blogs and more. Pick 5 to 10 blogs that interest you, and are ranked well.

    To make this article more reader friendly I am breaking up this post into two parts. In Part 2 we will be exploring others points to consider like checking comments, asking other bloggers, and making new friends.