• My Love and Hate relationship with Blogging

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    I got involved with blogging a bit late down my SEO journey, and I regret it till date. I remember when I finally got down to writing my first blog entry it was purely with a purpose of experimentation, nothing else.

    Little had I imagined on that fateful day, that few months later, I would be sitting up in the middle of night on a Monday night to Blog my way to Tuesday. Trust me, it’s a lazy mans nightmare, all that thinking, planning and writing that goes into finishing your next blog entry.

    Then why do I do it?

    I would like to lie and say that it possessed me, took me over, and made me into an addict of sorts seeking his next fix. But the truth is I am a selfish man when it comes to ensuring my keywords get higher ranking.

    My first blog entry made it to a higher rank than my website and that too within minutes (yes! Google immediately picked up the keywords I had placed in my blog and ranked it higher than my website which was personally optimized by me for that same keyword).

    That’s great I thought, I have found the golden goose to rankings! But no sooner than two days later, I witnessed its sad decline back two pages in the search results page. Had I failed, I was hurt and confused. I could not figure out why my golden goose had stopped laying golden eggs?

    With view of turning my downer, into a high again, I sat down to write my next blog entry with additional conviction, and I had just 5 visitors to my last blog entry (my direct family, and one friend who owes me money). Before you laugh this one out, you should know that no self respecting SEO expert wants to see his keywords falling back into the search abyss.

    As I posted my next blog entry, my ranking for the keywords I was targeting was up once more. Also I linked my website to my blog entries, and my blog linked to my web pages.

    Soon I was building quality links for my website with each blog post, indexing more of my pages with the search engines, appeasing the search engines with fresh content, sending traffic from my blog to my website and vice versa, and surely and steadily my keywords rankings for my blog and the website were on the rise.

    At that moment as I looked back at the other shore that I had left behind so hesitatingly, I knew I would write again.

    And a blogger was born.

    In addition my blog was attracting more traffic than my seo website, I was building credibility, and new enquiries began to trickle into my website.

    So I wrote, and then I wrote some more, and today I sit before you writing this article with a ray of hope that it will see the light of the day (I will have to cover ideas for promoting your blog in another post).

    Well anyways, whether someone else like you is reading my blog post or not, atleast I sleep well knowing that it’s getting me higher rankings for my keywords, and with that my friends I bid you farewell and adios till the next time we meet.

    In life, it’s said, you can only hate the person you really love, so I must truly love blogging…

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