• Obsessive Ranking Disorder (My Wakeup Call)

    Date: 2008.10.15 | Category: seo expert mumbai | Tags:

    I got a rather unusual wakeup call this morning.

    It started like any normal day; I checked the rankings for my keywords eager to see how they were faring after getting some prominent bloggers to review my blog. Like a little boy in anticipation of opening his presents on Christmas morning, I typed in the keyword seo expert mumbai I have been targeting for the past few weeks.

    Before I reveal the search results and my ranking, allow me to share a small story.

    A while ago when I was doing my advanced SEO expert course with Search Engine Workshops , my instructor and guide Robin Nobles told me that many SEO’s over obsess about their rankings. At that time her comment seemed strange to me. How could someone obsess over rankings?

    We are taught that search rankings don’t magically change by themselves. You have to be consistent in creating quality content and building quality links. With each strategy you apply, you have to wait and see the results to find out what’s working and what’s not. Of course unlike before, the search engine spiders are more frequent in their updates and the search engines reflect changes much quicker.

    I used to tease friends whose highs and lows fluctuated with the rise and fall in the stock market prices and indexes, but today is the day I will find out that somehow I had become one of them.

    “Hi my name is Nevil and I have obsessive ranking disorder” – as said at the Obsessive Ranking Anonymous (ORA) Meeting.

    Now back to my wakeup call…

    My well trained eyes had just started the ranking scan. My site www.seo-optimization-experts.com was listed in No #1 position for the keyword seo expert mumbai. I felt a Kundalini rush up my seven Chakras, as just yesterday my keyword was ranked at No #12 position in Google search results.

    I was not sure how this could have happened (maybe the Gods are finally looking kindly on me), but against my intuition, knowledge and experience working on SEO for many websites, I somehow kept faith that this was indeed possible, after all miracles have known to happen.

    To confirm the faith I called up my partner in crime Rajesh who checked for the keyword. Incidentally I am to blame for pushing him into my obsessive habit to search rankings for my keywords every few hours even though I know I have not done anything from my side to affect the same.

    A few minutes later he told me it was still in the same position No #12, much to my dismay. I double checked my results again, it still stood proudly at No #1 position.

    How could this be possible, I know that Google does not give different search listings across different computers?

    I backtracked like a detective solving a big crime (the loss of my ranking). I logged off my iGoogle page, and then searched again.

    This time it showed me No # 12 on Google.com: Results 11 – 20 of about 121,000 for seo expert mumbai. (0.17 seconds)

    And No # 11 on Google.co.in (Local) Results 11 – 20 of about 120,000 for seo expert mumbai. (0.04 seconds)

    Then I logged into my iGoogle account again

    Again I was in the No #1 Spot on Google.co.in Results 1 – 10 of about 121,000 for seo expert mumbai. (0.06 seconds)

    So can anyone answer this?

    iGoogle is a personalized page but are the search results supposed to be different when handled by the same engine and algorithm? Or is it the perfect kind of personalization where Google has managed to deliver the No #1 listing which was exactly what I was looking for…. my website?

    But then I thought who cares, for at the end of the day the search results were giving me exactly what I, as a user wanted to see, and that’s a good thing isn’t it.

    As I slowly reached understanding and still recovering from the morning incident, a much deep rooted behavior of mine came to surface. Somewhere in my journey the passion to see my keywords high up in search rankings had become obsessive behavior.

    “Hi my name is Nevil and I am successfully recovering from obsessive ranking disorder” – as said at the Obsessive Ranking Anonymous Meeting.

    What’s amazing is that now I have so much free time to do more productive things like write this blog post.