• SEO Guide to Article Writing

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    Have you ever though you could write on a subject you love, that many others would find interesting or even better, useful? If your answer is yes, then you could harness the power of article writing to gain reputation and credibility as an expert in your domain, other than gaining those, so hard to get, quality links to your website.

    I am not talking about reciprocal linking, which kind of reminds me of those childhood games, I will show you mine if you will show me yours, but quality links from authoritative sources that vouch for your credibility which would generally take thousands of dollars to accomplish (sorry to my dear friends from PR).

    We know that search engines are known to love content, especially content that many of their users will find useful, informative or just plain entertaining. So every now and then we sit down to write, and then a few hours later it slowly dawns on us that what we wrote is just plain incredible. By the next read we are convinced that the brilliant masterpiece we just wrote, is just what the world has been eagerly waiting for, so we create a new page for our website, or (if you are one of the smarter folks) a new blog entry. My blog entries rank far better than pages that I have personally optimized on my site http://www.seo-optimization-experts.com/ and blog entries are surprisingly found by search engine spiders in matter of minutes most of the times (I wonder if there is a blog conspiracy behind this…maybe I can explore this in my next blog or article).

    As a general rule, search engines hate duplicate content for obvious reasons. What that means for you is that once you have created one page of content for your website, or a new blog entry, that content is basically useless anywhere else on the web. In fact you could get penalized if the search engines figure you have the same content on different websites. Now if you are like me, and can’t get down to writing every single day, you would want to maximize the exposure of your content across various channels without pissing off the search engines. Welcome to my world of lazy seo practices. The secret is to write one article and get it published in hundreds of article sites that are waiting to give you exposure. Articles are not considered as duplicate content, and the search engines will love you for it. You can also use the article to create fresh content for your own website and get others to link to your website. Now that’s killing two birds with one stone.

    The benefits of article writing:

    1. Increased visibility with every article published
    2. Increased online reputation as an expert in your domain
    3. Boosting your link popularity and link reputation (link building)
    4. Write once and get published in hundreds of article sites
    5. Reaching a wider market otherwise inaccessible to your website
    6. Appease the mighty search engines
    7. Gain favor with article publishers and their readers
    8. Start syndicating and leveraging your every article
    9. Upload article on your website, and submit link of your article to various article sites
    10. It’s for FREE, it can’t get any better!

    Where to submit your articles:

    1. Go to Google and type – “submit an article” “keyword phrase”
    It will throw up a list of sites that are accepting articles based on your keyword phrase. What is to be kept in mind is, keep the category of your keyword phrase broad so it throws up related sites that have an audience that could be interested in your type of content.

    2. Yahoo Groups, and Google Knoll are great places to publish articles on every imaginable subject under the sun. There are also various other directories that accept article submissions, and sites like ArticleAnnounce (http://www.web-source.net/article-announce.htm) to get you started.

    3. Go to Creative Commons and complete the form to add a copyright notice on your articles and blogs on your Web site.
    http://creativecommons.org/text/ (Sign up for Creative Commons Search here)

    4. If an article publishing site wants copyright for your article, make sure they pay big bucks for it. You may have written the article over a nice cup of coffee…but still it’s yours, and you would like to share your knowledge with the world (unless ofcourse its made worth your while)

    5. Make sure you submit your name, author bio, and a link to your website with every article you submit.

    But how does that help my company?

    If you are in a seo business like me, then writing articles gain credibility for both me as a seo expert, and also for my company’s website http://www.seo-optimization-experts.com/. With every article I submit I am allowed to place my name, a little bio (in some sites) and a link to my website. So while I am building a following of readers from across various article sites who are interested in the learning about search engine optimization and search marketing, I am also giving them a link back to my website. This could mean business for my company. In addition a link to my website from a high page ranked article publishers site will do wonders for my websites’ rankings.

    What if I can’t write?

    Well you never know till you start! Otherwise get some good article writer to do the messy work while you enjoy the benefits.

    I can write but don’t have the time to submit it to article sites? 

    You can use the services of a good seo expert who will submit your article to the hundreds of article publishers within your target group.

    So what have I learnt from this article.

    It pays to write, it pays to be lazy, and it pays to become an expert!

    So START writing!