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    Date: 2008.11.11 | Category: ask the seo expert, seo expert | Tags:

    Do you have any questions about seo techniques or internet marketing strategies? and dont know who to ask.

    Well now you can ask me any questions related to seo techniques and tools, internet marketing, business blogging, keyword discovery, search engines, blog promotion and marketing, link building, seo for dynamic sites, article submissions, social bookmarking and networking, video submissions, directory submissions and more.

    It could be a specific problems you may be facing while optimizing your site, or need some advise on selecting a good seo expert, I will do my best to answer your queries fairly and to the best of my knowledge and experience.

    Kindly use the comment box to ask your questions (so its available to others and I dont have to answer the same questions again and again). Also there may be times I may not be able to answer some of your questions. To those people I would like to appologise in advance.

    Do read the other blog posts, it contains invaluable information coming from my direct experiences while working on SEO for various websites.

    Please note the advise will be given based on basic research done by me personally, so dont hold a gun to my head. Its just advise. For any detailed strategy or professional consultation you can contact me on my Mumbai mobile no (09041753525) or email me on nevilrohington.d@gmail.com.