• Do Page Rank 0 sites have any place in link building today?

    Date: 2010.02.01 | Category: nevil darukhanawala, seo expert | Tags:

    As we see search engines focusing more of their attention on quality and relevant links, many clients (and SEO experts) have developed cold feet as to the usefulness and ROI from targeting PR 0 sites in the link building campaigns.

    Link building as we know is tedious, and the effort to source links is time consuming, so should one take time going after the PR 0 website’s, which may or may not pass on any link power back to us. So is this time wasted, or well spent?

    A fact – All websites start with PR 0, and eventually some grow to become authoritative sources with PR 6 and above. Is it easier to get a link from a PR 0 site or a PR 8 site? You don’t need a SEO Expert to answer that question.

    Another fact is that 80 percent of the PR 0 sites may close down in near future. But the remaining sites if they can survive would get some Page Rank (PR) over time, whether they do SEO or not.

    So the challenge is in finding PR 0 websites that are relevant to your business/industry and which have the potential to grow into PR 4 above sites in the future.

    It is something like buying shares of a company when it got incubated. Imagine if you had brought some Google stocks when they had just started. What would they be worth right now?
    In the same way some PR 0 links could become invaluable in the future, and these links will be impossible for your competitor to replicate at that time.

    To target such links one needs a long term vision and commitment as the value of this activity appreciates over time and it’s advised that impatient people should avoid this strategy.

    With life or with SEO, a long term vision and a fine balance is what works best for me! It’s up to you to decide what works best for you.