• Giving Direction to the Power of Networking

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    There are hundreds of social & professional networking websites. The most popular ones also happen to be the ones that are most effective in terms of building a real network on a local and global level. Professional networking sites appeal not only to the budding professional but also to those having years of experience in their respective field of expertise.

    Good professional networks provide many features which help professionals fine-tune or update their skills and stay in synchrony with the current market demands. India’s Bangalore-based www.silionindia.com is one such website I frequently visit. Now there are many reason for this and I would like to share them with the readers.

    Career growth means different things to different people. For some professionals, it means reading about the latest developments in their industry or sector in the form of news. For some, it means finding out the current expertise or skill sets in demand and developing them for better prospects. This information can be obtained through job and career as well as educational content.

    For yet another group of people, career growth means connecting with peers as well as industry experts. This is made possible by communities, blogs or Q & As on specific or niche topics.
    SiliconIndia not only allows budding professionals to get tips about how to get manage their career better but also helps them assess their knowledge in different areas from programming to communication skills by taking well tailored online tests.

    Another feature of SiliconIndia is the mentorship programme. Here a fresh graduate from any field or new employees of an organization can enroll themselves as apprentice. CXOs of various fields working in reputed organizations register as mentors to help out the apprentice online and shape their career. This method allows for querying and resolutions of very specific issues. SiliconIndia communities too are of a wide range from computers and internet to business and finance as well as entrepreneurship . The featured communities in each section too cater to niche or specialized sectors.

    The overall model of siliconIndia looks sound. It caters to the mass in the form of online magazines, blogs and newsfeeds. It caters to individual and specialized needs through communities and Q & As. Professional education and skill sets are imparted with well designed educational articles and training videos. All this as they have earned the trust of hundreds of CXOs who have registered themselves on the site.