• How “progressive link building” made it to my SEO campaign?

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    We know that “relevancy”, “consistency” and “diversity” in your link landscape forms a big part of your link building profile. In the Right SEO Strategy Ahead, I have focused the SEO Strategies I use around these variables.

    I have come to realize the Right SEO Strategy is a living and breathing document that would constantly evolve, and “progressive link building” is one such strategy that I would like to eagerly include in all my SEO campaigns.

    Last week I had added another update to the weekly seo strategy Turbo-charge your SEO with “campaign worthy” content

    Let’s get back to this blog topic …

    There are 3 common Link Building Strategies:

    1. Consistent Link Building Strategy
    2. Campaign Link Building Strategy
    3. Progressive Link Building Strategy

    In this post we are going to focus on “progressive link building”, and how it can be used to boost your search rankings.

    What is “progressive link building”?

    Progressive link building is a technique where you start with a small quantity of quality links, and each month you progressively increase the number of quality links back to your site.

    Eg. Month 1 we start with 50 links (these should include web directory submissions, social links, PR submissions, industry related links, blog links, comments etc).

    Month 2 we build 75 links. Month 3 we build 100 links. Month 4 we build 150 links. Month 5 we build 200 links. Month 6 we build 300 links.

    This is a useful strategy especially for new websites that lack the credibility and link reputation, though it can be used to boost a credible site as well.

    After 6 months, you can ideally continue with progressive link building, or focus on consistent link building strategy and the campaign link building strategy. In the right combination, these 3 strategies can have a powerful impact on your search rankings.

    Monthly SEO strategy (Revised)

    Note: These links should be a combination of relevant web directory, social links, PR submissions, industry related links, blog links, comments etc.

    • Be consistent in building 50 quality links for Month 1
    • Be consistent in building 75 quality links for Month 2
    • Be consistent in building 100 quality links for Month 3
    • Be consistent in building 150 quality links for Month 4
    • Be consistent in building 200 quality links for Month 5
    • Be consistent in building 300 quality links for Month 6
    • Month 7 Onwards we can continue to build 300 quality links each month
    • Focus moves to consistent link building and campaign link building strategies

    In my next post I will reveal the “revised version” of the Right SEO Strategy Ahead (V2). This will include the exact strategies I use to rank my website and for my clients across the globe.