• SEO Expert Explains Optimization of Website for Mobile Search

    Date: 2011.11.29 | Category: right seo strategy, seo expert, seo expert consultants | Tags: ,,,

    Mobile search is increasing rapidly in the market and has its own rules that are totally different from the rules of traditional desktop search. Thus it becomes important for SEO experts to adapt mobile searches requirements and there are many points to be considered while optimizing web portal. Users in any part of the world search for a product in mobile through shorter key phrases or keywords. So SEO experts think of one or two words key phrases if they are optimization a site for mobile search. Whenever users access their mobiles to search for products then they will look out for stores that are close to their places. In other words the searchers on mobile target mainly local places that are they look for things in the neighborhood. Daily news, weather, sports results, latest information are among the popular mobile search categories and these are related to location as well as time. It is mandatory to optimize a website with such categories so that the mobile search visitors are able to find the site.

    SEO expert can also suggest a business company to have separate versions such as desktop and mobile for its site. One has to rank sites in top three positions of search engines page for mobile search optimization. In order to bring in more traffic on a site from mobile search SEO experts has to submit the URL of the site to mobile portals and directories online. Also the directories where site URL is submitted must be related to business of the company. There are some mobile standards that are needed to be followed in order to make the spider crawl site pages. SEO consultants refer W3C guidelines to check the mobile standards and use software to convert sites into mobile format. Meta.txt is a special file which is indexed directly by spiders of search engines even if rest of the site is not accessible. In Meta.txt file one can add keywords and descriptions to have a greater effect in mobile search market.

    Make use of shorter texts as mobile users do not have time to read lengthy pages. Typing efforts can be saved by predictive search which is very popular with mobile searchers. Apart from getting visitors to the site, regularly look your site display on mobile screen and if it is distorted then the visitors will run away.