• SEO/SEM is more Marketing less Technology by Vijay Dalwani

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    SEO / SEM is not really about technology. Of course there is a bit of programming and technology involved because you are creating a website which needs computers, but this is a very small part of the actual SEO / SEM exercise.

    If you look at it from the technology perspective, the person is just selecting a few keywords and putting them in the title, description, meta-tags, starting of the paragraph and in the content. This is because somebody has taught you that this is where the keywords must be present.

    SEO / SEM activity however is a fine art which covers marketing and in-depth understanding of the business, product, services and the target customer. First of all, know the product you are marketing. The next step is to ask yourself why you have created the product and for whom. Set the vision for your business or organization. Now you are ready to look for the right market and the right customer.

    You can now ask your SEO expert whether you have the right keywords. Will it get more people on your website? Can you effectively combine a few keywords to create a more powerful keyword? Keep asking yourself and your SEO / SEM expert team how can you make people come to your website while searching for a keyword? Linking the interest of the customer with the interest of the business and making it a common interest is the heart of any SEO / SEM activity.

    Whether you have in-house SEO / SEM experts or you hire a seo consultant, see if the person is able to understand your business and your customer properly. A proper SEO / SEM expert can tell you accurately what your business is all about, and who your target customer really is. They may even suggest new customer segments that you have missed or never thought of. All that remains is to use the right technology to increase the traffic and reach. This is inevitable if you have already pinpointed what your business product and target customer is all about.

    About the Author:

    Vijay Dalwani is the Director (Operations) of a UK based healthcare and wellness organization.
    In his previous assignments he has been working as:
    - VP Operations with TVC Sky Shop Ltd
    - Head of Operations with Wonderfulbuys.com (US Based
    Internet company)
    - Director Operations with Cyberdyne Solutions India
    Limited (A software company with a US tie up).
    Vijay has been working on SEO / SEM for the last 7 years. He is a people’s person who likes to develop people as they are the assets of today and tomorrow. Vijay conducts training programs in SEO / SEM and other topics for budding profesionals. Vijay has a passion for learning new things and can go to any extent to get even 5 minutes of new learning.