• Minus 3 for Article Submission and Plus 3 for Social Media Sites in SEO

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    The strategy of submitting articles to article directory sites to increase search engine optimization (SEO) has long been used in internet marketing. Many web entrepreneurs use this traditional antic to acquire internet traffic and to promote their sites. However, many individuals and experts have a different opinion.

    Lately, many people criticize the role of article submission in increasing the SEO. It is, they say, a complete waste of time and effort. Many blogs and articles include it in their list of old SEO methods that people need to get over with. It is now an unreliable means of climbing to higher ranks in the organic search.

    Article submission has several “subtractions” because…

    First Minus: Google updates like Panda and Penguin

    The Panda update penalized many websites, including famous article directories like GoArticles.com and EzineArticles.com. The Penguin Algorithm update which took effect last May 2013 hit thousands of websites as well.

    Immediately, around two to three percent of websites felt the blows and dropped in the rankings of organic search. They no longer got “visible” for the keywords they used to get searched for. Lesser visibility led to lesser traffic. Lesser traffic led to lesser sales. Also, Google saw getting “forced” backlinks from article directory sites as a manipulative manner of increasing popularity or rank.

    Second Minus: Repetitive Contents

    Search engines are now very keen in gauging high-quality contents. They trash those that offer the same “flavor” with just different “branding”. The problem with articles is that writers rather focus on the keywords that will increase their search visibility instead of delivering fresh and informative contents. There can be various titles in a site but the contents are almost similar. This bores the readers.

    Third Minus: Few Views

    Many writers claim their articles have been viewed 500 times or more and that this is a good statistics. However, if one looks at it closely, facts say otherwise. For instance, Yuliya Miranova had a total of 554 views for the 10 articles she posted at a certain site. This was for a 24-month period.

    If it is mathematically solved, it comes down to like 55 views per article in 2 years. That’s 1 view every 13 days per article! With such viewing frequency, how will then this influence a site’s SEO standing? Also, unless the article is in the site’s homepage, the new page where it is posted has no page rank at all.

    On the other hand, e-traders who have formally employed the tactic tackled above are shifting to social media sites for exposure and promotion. With the millions of people using a certain site every month, it is very good venue of gathering audience. Social media sites have the following advantages in terms of influencing the SEO.

    First Plus: Mentions

    Referrals by actual users and previous customers are the best promotion of a business or trade in and out of the cyber world. When more people mention in sites like Facebook or Twitter a webpage and/or its contact information, this makes the site appear more reputable, trusted, and legitimate.

    Second Plus: Social Indictors

    More known as social signals, these refer to the shares, posts and reposts, tweets and retweets, likes, and pins, etc. Over-all SEO value rises as an account brings more social indictors to a web page.

    Third Plus: “Natural” Backlinks

    A good method of establishing “shortcuts” to the actual website is placing link in the social media profile. It is definitely a natural manner of getting backlinks. No Google red flags on this one.

    Any site would want to be on top of SEO. However, “charity begins at home”. Therefore, working on the main site is as essential as promoting it outside.

    Bio: George has been working in an SEO Dubai company for 6 years. He is one of the co-creators of particular SEO software.