• Why does search engine optimization really matter for your site?

    Date: 2018.12.17 | Category: seo for ceo | Tags:

    Almost everyone knows about SEO. Search engine optimization is the core of any digital marketing campaign. Learning the definition of SEO and the factors that control a site’s performance on the web is quite easy, but figuring out how to make a working website search engine friendly in real life is quite tricky. There are over 200 ranking signals Google weighs to rank a site. Memorizing the list is not that much of a big deal, but finding new ways to exercise the theories in real life is the problematic part.

    That is where you need help from the search optimization agencies. They can help you find out how your website can pick up performance.Whether it is a complete audit of your working website, or a simple update of your site’s core code, having experts on your team is necessary. They can not only point out the flaws in your current website design and management, but they can also alert you when Google updates its algorithm or policies.

    Why do websites want to be SEO-friendly?

    One of the leading reasons people want their websites to remain search engine friendly is because staying on top comes with certain perks like high CTR (Click through Rate), high organic traffic, and a visitor’s group that is ready to convert. The first page of Google search results garners over 93% of the total traffic. No one visits the second and third pages. Apart from securing a place in the first SERP (Search Engine Results Page), you need to ensure that your site achieves a high rank. The first three ranks are the decided winners in the SRL (search result list), but Google has now introduced the Answers Box and the Suggestion Box. So, there is a little more to ranking and SEO than yesteryear’s search engine agencies know. You need a world-class search optimization agency that knows the ins-and-outs of Google algorithm changes and updates.

    Why do you need SEO now more than ever?

    There may have been a time when SEO was all about keywords, search terms, and link farming. The world of search engines is a lot different now thanks to smart algorithm updates. The introductions of Hummingbird and RankBrain have changed the SEO landscape beyond the recognition of any black-hatter. The search engine has become a lot smarter than it was even six years ago! It is impossible to fool Google with bad quality content, plagiarized content and keyword stuffing. RankBrain has enabled Google to understand the user’s intent, the intent of used keywords, synonyms, the context of content and much more. Creating an attractive website with value-adding content is the primary objective of any business owner to please the search engine god aka Google.

    Do you need the help of experts for your site SEO?

    Your content needs a boost

    Right now, even keyword centric website content is not enough to get high ranks. Your site needs informative blogs, FAQs, discussion forums, review sections, product descriptions, and customer testimonials to remain on top. That is a lot for any website team, and it is understandable why the best-performing sites have reliable SEO experts on speed dial. While you can manage your site’s SEO, it is almost impossible to do so with little knowledge and a cornucopia of free tools. Any site requires fully functional monitoring tools and at least one expert, who knows how to use them for the benefit of the site.

    You need help with the technical bit of SEO

    Apart from content, there are aspects of technical SEO that you need to learn about. Metadata, meta tags, SEO title, title tag, SEO slugs, URL structure and alt descriptions of the images are all part of the signals that affect your rapport with Google. With new sites, it is easy to upload meta descriptions and modify URL structures according to the Webmaster’s specifications. However, for websites that have been around for a year or more, there is a bunch of old and new content. Changing the title, SEO title, and other aspects to make it SEO-friendly is an insurmountable task for any expert. You need a dedicated team working night and day to “fix” these if you do not have the correct tools that can automate the process. SEO agencies not only have the teams, but they also have the resources you need to get your site up and running again in record time. 

    You need someone, who understands SEO

    SEO takes time! Some people believe it can generate results overnight and they cannot be more wrong. In the changing face of events, it is impossible to put a deadline on the results of the changes you might want to imply on your website. Whether it is uploading new blog content inspired by your new keyword research or it is updating your old CSS files, it will take some time to reflect on the results. SEO changes can take between three months and six months to take effect. You will need reliable monitoring tools that can tell you about changing rates of traffic, altering conversion rates and more while you are waiting for your brand new SEO strategy to work. Working with an experienced SEO agency will help you make sense of these changes, and it will also ensure that you are getting the best service for your money.