• Optimization of Pages for Search Engines

    To achieve top ranking for those “winning keywords” it’s important to choose a SEO ranking services company that guarantees your success. SEO Experts offers top SEO ranking services from Mumbai, India to suit all needs and budgets.

    After choosing the “winning keywords”, next, let’s take a look at the many variables that affect your website’s search engine ranking, like title, description, keywords, use of headings, page name, body text, image names etc.

    What does “search engine optimization” mean? It simply means to focus the text and tags of a page around one or two keyword phrases only and to use SEO ranking strategies designed to help you boost your ranking in the top engines.
    Visitors arrive at your website because they typed in a keyword or a “keyword phrase” that is relevant to your website services or products, and because your site had proper optimization, your site shows up in the first few positions of the search results and gets the click-thru from the searcher. Getting the searcher to click through is the main objective. Our Seo Ranking Service is targeted to getting the user to click through and eventually convert to a customer.

    So each page in your website becomes a potential gateway for a prospective customer, and each page is focused around one or two keyword phrases, and the meta tags and body text, all point to that keyword phrase.

    SEO Ranking Services Mumbai – Key Objectives

    • Focus each page on ONE specific keyword/ keyword phrase
    • Keywords to include related words, common typos and region
    • Make the page content rich pertaining to that keyword phrase
    • Point everything on that page (title, description, meta tags, headings, link text,   images names, body text
      etc) to that specific keyword phrase
    • Even page names and having the keyword phrase in your website address can boost rankings
    • Page is created to target specific traffic for a particular keyword

    So you can see why it’s so important to optimize each page of your website.

    The Title & Description

    A well optimized page stands a good chance at getting top search engine rankings, but top rankings alone will not ensure that a potential customer will click on your websites link in the search engines results page. So it’s possible that a surfer will click on result listed no 5 rather than one listed 2nd in a search engine result page. It’s important to understand the users mind while choosing a website link he/she feels will be relevant to what they are searching for.

    If you notice the search results page, there is a title and description with each link.

    For example which of the below will you click through:

    <title>SEO Ranking services, Internet Marketing, SEO Optimization
    <description> search engine services, ranking, sme, seo ranking, search engine placement services, ppc ad campaign, optimization services and more

    <title>SEO ranking services in Mumbai at affordable rates!
    <description> Do you need top SEO ranking services to boost targeted traffic to your Web site? We, at SEO Experts India, offer legitimate ranking SEO services that work to get your website on Page #1 of search engine results.

    We would click on the second title and description. Which one would you click?

    Our SEO ranking services will ensure that all your pages are superbly optimized around selected keywords, your title and description is captivating and interesting to attract a user to click-through,  and submit your website pages to other popular websites, vertical engines and directories.

    The next important step is link building.

    SEO Optimization Services for Higher Rankings:


    Website (Static HTML Pages) Optomize directory structure and page names.Create meta tags around the keyword for that page.Create catchy titles and descriptions.Edit existing content to make it search engine friendly.

    Higher ranking for your webpages
    in Google, Yahoo and MSN

    Higher ranking for your Keywords.

    Drive traffic to your Website/ Keywords

    Website (Dynamic Database/ CMS driven) Optomize directory structure and page names (SEO Optimize Database/ CMS)Create meta tags.Create catchy titles and descriptions.Edit existing content to make it search engine friendly.

    Higher ranking for your webpages
    in Google, Yahoo and MSN

    Higher ranking for your Keywords

    Drive traffic to your Website/ Keywords

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