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Keyword Strategy and Research

Let us help you find the best keywords for your internet marketing!

The first step in our SEO services suite is to understand your business, product, services, competition and market. Once we have a better idea about who you are, what you sell, who you sell to i.e. your target audience, our SEO consultants will assist your company in identifying relevant keywords or keyword phrases that your target audience would type in the search engines box while looking for a product or service that your company could be offering.

Incase you already have a website we will first analyze the keywords you have used, the optimization needs of your website and what we can do for your website. Our SEO services ensure your company targets the right keywords and that those winning keywords are ranked by us in Page #1 of the Top Search Engines (We primarily focus on Google, Yahoo and MSN).

Keep in mind there is a whole lot of research and analysis that goes into identifying the “right keywords”. How does one do that? We use keyword research tools that let us know what the billions of internet users are actually typing while searching for a product or service your company offers, what is the density of that keyword as some keywords are more competitive than others affecting the rankings, number of users who searched for that particular keyword, other related keywords or similar searches, and other such critical data that helps us find the right keywords for your business.

The selection of “right keywords” for your company means targeted traffic to your website. After all any user typing “search engine optimization experts in Mumbai” would be a potential client to any SEO services company in Mumbai. It’s how you found us!

The top major search engines are the most important traffic generating resource on the Internet. A high ranking is by far the most cost effective means of getting hits and new business to your site, but if your website is buried at #125 in the search engine results, how will your potential clients find you?

You need to be at least in the first or second page search engine results to be successful -- our Top SEO services suite is committed to getting you there right where your potential customer can find you. SEO experts India has extensive knowledge and proven search engine techniques to getting your site listed as high in the search results page as possible!

Targeted traffic means more customers, and increased ROI.

Generic keywords will give a long list of search results. Eg typing “search engine experts” would present a long list of search results. Users are moving towards refined and specific searches now use “keyword phrases” which can include geographical location to narrow the search. Also long tail searches, synonyms and mis-spelt words around that keyword or keyword phrase need to be identified. So even if a user misspells “exprts”, your properly optimized website would be in Page #1 of search results.    

Our SEO services suite will assist in identifying “winning keywords” and mapping the competition i.e. what keywords are companies that offer similar products or services like yours focusing on. Type the keywords in any search engine and review the top five to ten results. Why did they succeed? Why are they in the top rankings and you’re not? 

SEO Services Mumbai - Key Objectives of SEO :

  • Focus each page on ONE specific keyword/ keyword phrase
  • Keywords to include related words, common typos and region
  • Make the page content rich pertaining to that keyword phrase
  • Point everything on that page (title, description, meta tags, headings, link text, images names, body text etc) to that specific keyword phrase
  • Even page names and having the keyword phrase in your website address can boost rankings
  • Page is created to target specific traffic for a particular keyword

So you can see why it’s so important to research and select “winning keywords”.

So what does one do when you have a 10 pages website and have identified 50 winning keywords?

The answer is that one can create information pages or gateway pages. 

SEO Services Mumbai- Information Pages or Gateway Pages

Information pages are new content rich pages especially designed to cover other important keywords which could not be covered under existing content of the site.

All information pages can be placed under a tips, resources, articles, Faq’s section with interesting content focussed around a particular keyword – the page has one objective only, on getting targeted traffic for that keyword. Our SEO services suite can assist your company in creating highly targeted and optimized pages that focus on getting in traffic from for that one keyword. 

Ideally one should create one information page a week so visitors gets something new every time they visit your website plus search engines love sites that keep updating content rich information which their users are searching for. To know more, check out our SEO Content Services section.

To know more about our SEO Services Mumbai - Keyword Strategy and Research Services, contact us.