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    SEO Services for Happy Brands

    The above seo diagram is the result of late night doodling on PowerPoint and though it was made with no specific plan in mind, I thought it would be interesting to look at this diagram once again and share it with you all.

    So let explore the seo services in step by step detail…and how each one affects your online business as a whole.

    Level 1 – Honey Pancakes for Breakfast

    Let’s start with keyword research and discovery. This is the foundation step for your online business. Keywords are what prospective customers will type in the search box to reach your website, products and services. Identifying the right keywords that your potential customers will use to reach your site, the competition for those keywords, and how often those keywords have been used in past searches is important for success.

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    The competition has heated up! Knowing what your competition is up to is crucial in the world of business, whether in the real world or online. Tracking the competition for your keywords and identifying their seo strategies will provide valuable inputs in creating your own long term seo strategy.

    Once you have identified the winning keywords, the next step is to optimize your web pages around those keywords. It’s important to focus each page around one keyword only and then placing those keywords strategically in the Meta tags like title, description, heading tags, link text and the body content of that page.
    Make sure the title and description for each page is captivating enough for potential customers to click through. The title is what the potential customers see on the search results page.
    In case you are using dynamic pages (database driven or CMS) on your website, you have two options. One is to optimize your database (this could be time consuming and costly), and the second is to work your way around and create a separate section called articles/ resources/blog posts/ How to etc with static pages (HTML) pages focused around the keywords you want to target.
    Users and search engines will love you if you offer unique, informative and resourceful content that’s updated regularly. Each page of your website is a doorway to your products and services, so planning the content around your keywords is strongly advised.
    Seo content is well written content that pleases the users and the search engines, is rich in keywords, and attempts to answer the query or need of the user who typed that particular keyword. Once your content is all optimized, you are all set to start building links.
    Search engines value websites that have many inbound links from credible and high page ranked websites. The reason is that if a credible and popular web site or a web community has linked to your website, the search engines feel you must be worthy of that link.
    Link building has gained lots of negativity with link farms and link exchange programs that ask for nothing but an exchange of links for the purpose of tricking the search engines and users. This was more prominent in the past, yet I often get reciprocal linking offers in my mailbox. It’s a waste of time so don’t even bother going there.
    The link building matrix is the ideal mix of websites and communities from where you want to get those links. You can use web directory submissions, article submissions, social bookmarking and networking, video submission, PR announce, vertical search engine submissions, blog reviews etc to create the perfect link matrix for your website.
    Keep in mind quality of content, page rank and diversity of the sources of your links is important, and so is getting links from websites that are related to your content.
    Level 2 – Ahoy Mates, Full Steam Ahead
    You have identified winning keywords, optimized your web pages, edited your content to make it seo friendly, and have started building quality and diverse links to your website. If you have done this part correctly then your keywords should start getting ranked, but they are still not in the Page 1 of the search results which is your goal. So how does one push your rankings up the search ladder?
    Blogging is a great way to add fresh content, build a readership, and create quality links to your website. Some of my keywords placed in blog posts rank better than pages that I have optimized personally. You can start a business blog, or start a topic specific blog based on your important keywords.
    Once you are committed to posting regularly on the blog, it’s time to start promoting your blog to various blog directories, blog search engines, RSS feed syndicates etc.
    Now it’s time to syndicate your content for maximum visibility and back links. Article submissions are a great way to build credibility as an expert in your domain, build a readers base and get high quality links without the search engines treating that content as duplicate content.
    Launching as new product, or a great new service, it’s time to announce it to the world. Using specific PR submission sites will get you additional viewership, links and your news could always be picked up by some journalist.
    Think global. Go local. You obviously want to get business from all over the world, but who can ignore the local markets. In the same way though you may be targeting global keywords, don’t forget to focus on the local keywords as well. Submitting your site to local directories, Google Maps, Yahoo local etc will get you found on the local listings.
    Spread your wings with social bookmarking sites like stumble upon, delicious, dig, drop jack etc. Social bookmarking gives the users power to decide what they like, what news is important, and what’s not. But (as in Spiderman Movie) with great power comes great responsibility. You have the responsibility to create news that’s news worthy, and then you will get the links that’s ranking worthy.
    Level 3 – Supercharge your Rankings
    You have done well to have come so far. You have optimized your site, have become adept at building quality content and links, using blogs, article submissions, pr announce and social bookmarking to reach out, and have gotten connected to the local scene. Your keywords should be ranking well now, but you still want to increase the traffic coming to your website and blog.
    Create a page on Wikipedia, or participate in Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Answers and other such specialized communities where you can create value for the users while gaining high powered links and reaching new communities of users.
    Had enough of content creation and link building? It’s time to go visual by submitting videos to video content sites like YouTube. You can submit any kind of videos that would attract your target audience and link those videos back to your website and blog.
    Build a network by creating your space on social networking sites like Face Book, Twitter etc. As they say that friends go a long way in spreading word of mouth.
    Level 4 – Appease the Search Gods
    Other than well optimized pages, the search engine are looking at fresh content that’s informative, unique and resourceful and quality links from high page rank, credible, popular and related websites and web communities.
    If you have followed the advice so far, the search engine gods will be happy with you.
    Level 5 – Show them the Money
    If you have big bucks, Google Adwords and pay per click (PPC) campaigns are a great way to make an announcement. Why wait for traffic to be earned when you can buy it so to speak! But for those people, this is not the right article.
    Level 6 – Your online business
    If you have done your job well, you will have happy users who find a service/ product/ information they need, happy search engines and a very happy Brand (You).
    All this will make this SEO expert rather HAPPY!