• Three Life-or-Death Future SEO Strategies after the Panda and Penguin Updates

    Date: 2012.10.21 | Category: seo strategy | Tags: ,

    Listed below are three future SEO Strategies that are applicable after Google’s Panda and Penguin updates. Webmasters all over the world had to make a lot of changes in their search engine optimization strategies when this search giant implemented both of these new algorithms. Many websites that used to do great on SERPs literally dropped out of the ranks.


    It took a bit of time before webmasters were able to work things out according to these new search rules. However, there are others who are still struggling to get things back in order. Those who were able to get back up and join the race once again have shared new fundamental strategies that everyone should build upon. The following are the three of the most basic things that you can implement yourself.


    Quality Content


    The SEO world is on a point of evolution. Websites that are not able to evolve eventually die, which is pretty much what the natural world is about anyway. Webmasters used to be primarily concerned about page ranking. However, with the recent changes, the quality of the content now weighs just as heavily as the rank of one’s website.


    Your website’s content is one of the things that are directly under your control. It should be one of the things that can and should be worked out immediately. A lot of people focused too much on rank building techniques. Everyone knows that quality content is essential for any website but they still chose to ignore it.


    In effect, a lot of websites had a lot of duplicate content yet they were over optimized. Their websites ranked pretty well for a time until the recent updates put everything right as they should be. People searching for information nowadays will get more quality content that they can definitely use. Follow this trend and correct whatever is wrong with your site’s content and you’ll see things get better in the future.


    Controlled Optimization


    As stated earlier, many websites had pages that were over optimized. There were sites with good content and sites that had poor quality content that were simply over optimized. The current Google updates penalize sites heavily due to over optimization. Using exact match keywords for a page’s anchor texts used to work but now they are classified as over optimization. Review the current optimization rules and optimize your pages accordingly.


    Link Control


    People used to think that more sites linking to your pages equate to a lot better rankings in the search engines. Well, that used to work quite well for many. In fact, it was one of the things that were abused by webmasters as they implemented a variety of black hat optimization techniques. That will no longer work with today’s future SEO Strategies.


    Search engine optimization strategies nowadays greatly emphasize not only on the quantity of backlinks but also on the quality of these links. Google today judges the relevance each of page or site that links to yours. With the recent updates, visitor engagement and people sharing links to your site via social networking sites matters.


    This also means that you should ensure that visitors to your site should interact with the content. Make sure that they will leave a comment on your blog. Ensure that there is a way for them to share your pages in social networking sites.


    Remember that the Panda and Penguin Updates are aimed at web spam and not white hat search engine optimization. Future SEO strategies should build on the positive changes occurring in today’s evolving SEO world.