The SEO Strategy Training Course in Mumbai is an unique world-class training by  Nevil Darukhanawala (Internationally Certified SEO/SEM/ SMM Expert and Owner of “SEO Expert India”) .

    Welcome to Search Marketing

    Other forms of advertising and marketing are now being seen as intrusive and aggressive by the consumers and this trend will continue. Advertisers end up spending a whole lot of money, and consumers have to unnecessarily suffer in-the-face campaigns that tell them what to do, and what to buy. It’s a no win situation for both parties.

    In Search Marketing you not only sell what your customers want, but you also sell it while they are actively looking for it. So it’s the customers that choose you at their own time, convenience and when they actually need you. Now this is a very powerful marketing tool for all online businesses if they know how to make themselves easily available to these customers.

    The SEO Strategy Course has been specially designed by Nevil Darukhanawala who has 10 years of experience in creating online brands, managing online businesses, and currently runs “Seo Expert India” Consultancy with clients across the Globe.

    Go ahead, Type “Nevil Darukhanawala” in Google.

    The main USP of this course:

    It’s been specially developed for b-school students and professionals in the fields of branding, advertising, marketing, business development and web development/ design who want to add value and an edge to their existing skills.

    The SEO Strategy Course will enable you to: 

    • Gain genuine top SEO placement skills within the shortest period of time
    • Cultivate a Buzz and improve visibility of any brand, product or service
    • Stop wasting time chasing algorithms and discover strategies that last for a long time
    • Experience a different “value & strategy” based approach to SEO and SMM skill-building
    • Get personalized, hands-on instructions by Internationally Certified SEO Expert Nevil Darukhanawala
    • Gain skills for getting visitors to respond, once they find you or land on your site
    • Understand and learn the full spectrum of SEO and marketing skills

    Who will benefit from the course?

    The SEO Training Strategy Course is targeted at Professionals and B-school students in the field of Marketing, Business development, Information technology, Content management, Digital design, Website developers, Mass communication, etc.

    Also Marketing agencies, advertising agencies, PR agencies, online service providers, website owners, online businesses, future entrepreneurs, and “anyone” with a passion for the online world will benefit from this specialized SEO Strategy training course.

    Why should you spend money on this course? 

    • You will earn more money
    • You can start freelancing with the skills acquired — we will teach you how
    • You will get placement assistance from us
    • We also offer placements for our own live projects for deserving students

    Why professionals need this course? 

    • You can expect a lateral promotion
    • You can expect a pay raise for newly acquired skills
    • You can start your own online business

    Specially Designed Course Content 

    Class 1 - Introduction to SEO and SMM Course

    Keywords Basics & Advanced Keyword Strategies (Part 1 to 5),
    Keyword Placement Strategy & the best On-page Optimization techniques

    The Long Tail of Keywords
    Going Beyond Keywords

    My keywords are hurting my business!

    Class 2 – Content Matters

    Is Content the King?
    Create new Gateways to Targeted Traffic

    SEO Guide to Article Writing

    What’s in a Title?
    Optimizing your Video Content
    Turbo-charge with “campaign worthy” content
    Are you leveraging your content?

    Site Maps & RSS Syndication

    Class 3 – Blogging for SuccessWhy Search Engines love Blogs?
    Why Blogging for Business is here to Stay!The Bloggers Guide to Survival

    Get your “New” Blog Noticed

    Get reviewed by Prominent Bloggers

    Leverage by Commenting on Relevant Blogs

    Class 4 – Complete Link Building SEO Games VS SEO Game Plan
    Link Me Up Scotty!
    The Link Building Matrix (Reloaded)
    SEO bad links, good links and great links
    How to Earn Natural Links with SEO?
    How to win at SEO amidst strong competition
    Class 5 – Social Media Marketing (SMM)Introduction to SMM
    SEO & SMM strategies go hand in hand Strategies for SMM & Buzz creationThe Right SEO Strategy Ahead

    Your online brand reputation matters!

    Class 6 – Paths to Success

    5 “little known” Keys to Succeed at SEO
    Be Consistent, Be Immediate, Be Successful Separating SEO Myths from Reality
    What I have learnt about SEO so far!

    Is your competition beating you with SEO?

    Class 7 – Making Money Online (extra FREE class for those interested in making money)Case Studies

    How do successful people make money online

    Group DiscussionsLIVE Project Starts


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