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    Hi everyone, I am Nevil Darukhanawala, SEO Expert, and welcome to the SEO Training Video Series.

    I run a successful SEO consultancy with clients from around the globe – India, USA, Canada, UAE, Dominican Republic, Belgium and Australia, and I also conduct SEO Training Workshops in a 6-Day SEO Workshop held at OCI (Open Computing Institute, Mumbai). These 6-Day SEO Strategy Workshops are held once a month in Mumbai, India.

    The SEO strategies I teach at these workshops are what I am currently using to rank for my website, as well as for my clients from around the Globe. The SEO Expert Training Videos is an attempt to share the knowledge taught in these workshops with the rest of the world for free.

    My website ranks in Google.com:

    # 1for the keyword seo expert mumbai (No #1 spot for past 1 Year)

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    The strategies shared in these videos are the same strategies I use for ranking my website and for those of my clients.

    Watch a sample video from the link building training series:


    SEO Training Videos Link Building 2.0 by Nevil Darukhanawala from Nevil Darukhanawala on Vimeo.


    Some of content topics covered in the SEO Training Videos:

    On-Page Optimization (2 Videos)
    Content (2 Videos)
    Link Building Strategies (4 Videos)
    Sitemaps, redirects, robots and more … (1 Video)
    SEO Proposals/ Reporting and Monitoring (1 Video)
    Make Money Online (1 Video)


    Watch the Seo Training Videos for Free


    Who will benefit from the SEO Training Videos Series

    It’s been specially developed for online businessmen, b-school students and professionals in the fields of branding, advertising, marketing, business development and web development/ design, content development, webmasters and SEO enthusiasts.

    Also Marketing agencies, advertising agencies, PR agencies, online service providers, website owners, online businesses, future entrepreneurs, and “anyone” with a passion for the online world will benefit from this specialized SEO Training Videos Series.

    The SEO Expert Training Videos will help you:

    • Gain genuine top SEO placement skills within the shortest period of time
    • Cultivate a Buzz and improve visibility of any brand, product or service
    • Stop wasting time chasing algorithms and discover strategies that last for a long time
    • Experience a different “value & strategy” based approach to SEO and SMM skill-building
    • Gain skills for getting visitors to respond, once they find you or land on your site •Understand and learn the full spectrum of SEO and marketing skills

    The SEO Expert Training Videos has been specially designed by Nevil Darukhanawala who has 10 years of experience in creating online brands and managing online businesses.

    Go ahead, Type “Nevil Darukhanawala”in Google.