• Google SEO Expert Training Video Series Optimization 3.0

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    Welcome to SEO Expert Training Video Series
    By SEO Expert, Nevil Darukhanawala

    In this video, I continue my talks on on-page optimization, and give examples of good titles, descriptions, and heading tags. The title and description tag is your calling card, and the searcher will decide between your website and the other 9 websites on the search results page based on what they read. Other than following SEO guidelines while creating titles and descriptions, it’s important to also create the right hooks to excite the searcher to click on your website link. Otherwise its business for your competitors and that’s just bad business.

    Google SEO Expert Training Video Series Optimization 3.0

    I will be publishing 1 video each Sunday though the videos will not be in any particular order.

    The SEO Videos Series (Every Sunday)

    Over 60 SEO Videos – covering various fundamental SEO principles, advanced content and link building strategies and ranking techniques for the best routes for higher rankings for any keyword/ any website.

    The SEO strategies I teach in these videos are what I am currently using to rank for my website, as well as for my clients from around the Globe. I currently rank in Google; No #1 for “seo expert mumbai”, No #4 for keyword “seo expert india” and No # 10 for the global keyword “google seo expert” , and No # 28 for global keyword “expert seo”.