1 Month SEO Mentorship Training

    The SEO Mentorship Course has been designed by Seo Expert, Nevil Darukhanawala who has 10 years of experience in creating online brands, managing online businesses, and currently runs “Seo Expert India” Consultancy with clients from India, US, Canada, Dominican Republic, Belgium, UAE, Australia etc.

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    “The strategies I will teach are the “same strategies” I have used to gain higher rankings for my own website, and for my client’s websites as well.”

    Highlights of the SEO Mentorship Training Course:


    • Personal One-to-One Training (2 Students in a Batch Only)
    • Duration of the Course: 1 Month
    • Location is Mahim W, Mumbai
    • Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 2 hours a day
    • Since there are only 2 students per batch, register early, or you may have to wait for long
    • You will have access to detailed course material, to training videos, and can work on live projects
    • You will get a ” Personal Letter of Recommendation”. This Letter will be useful when applying for a job.


    The SEO Mentorship Course will enable you to:


    • Gain genuine top SEO placement skills within the shortest period of time
    • Cultivate a Buzz and improve visibility of any brand, product or service
    • Stop wasting time chasing algorithms and discover strategies that last for a long time
    • Experience a different “value & strategy” based approach to SEO and SMM skill-building
    • Understand and learn the full spectrum of SEO and SMM skills
    • Understand how to “make money” using these skills


    Other Important Details to Know Before Contacting Me:


    • You have gone through ZENofSEO
    • You have gone through Right SEO Strategy Ahead
    • You have gone through SEO Videos
    • The Mentorship Program is for deserving people who are “familiar” with my work
    • You want to JOIN the Mentorship Program. No enquiries please.
    • You understand the cost for this program is Rs 15, 000 paid on starting the course
    • You understand this is not a training institute, but an OPPORTUNITY
    • Call me on +9122-9967779360 for details about the next batch
    • Or Contact me via Email