• Indian SEO/SMM Community Sees Rapid Growth

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    When I wanted information on one of my favorite Indian Networking site “SiliconIndia”, I thought, what best way, than to get the Blog Editor at SiliconIndia to do an interview with me.

    This interview talks about growth of personal and professional networking in India, rise in SEO/SMM experts, and future of the Indian SEO fraternity.

    1. What’s new in SiliconIndia website

    Siliconindia.com has added various new sections to the website to cater to the need of its users from various dimensions ranging from students to professionals. All the new section has received overwhelming response from the users. Newly launched sections are:

    • Education for MBA, MCA & Engineering students
    • Online courses to facilitate professional to enhance their professional skills
    • Fresher’s developing resume for fresh college out to land in their dream job
    • Humor to enjoy funny jokes
    • Jobs helping companies in getting the right candidate
    • Events conducting events across India on various platforms

    2. What are SiliconIndia’s online goals for this year

    Currently Siliconindia.com is under the top 150 websites in India as per Alexa ranking. This year we plan to take our India ranking under 100. And enhance the features of our newly launched sections catering to the requirements of our members.

    3. How many members of SiliconIndia are from SEO/SMM fraternity? Are these number growing from past year?

    Siliconindia.com has close to 50000 members from SEO/SMM fraternity as of now, there has been significant increase in it from the past year. Of late members from the SEO/SMM fraternity has started growing at a faster pace looking at the growth prospects.

    4. How important is SEO?

    All sections of Siliconindia.com are SEO optimized which enable the members to get better visibility among masses. Today awareness among masses regarding SEO is very high in comparison to yester months. Youngsters today are considering taking SEO as a profession looking at the growth prospects it has for them in future.

    5. Is SEO training becoming the next fad?

    SEO training is becoming a trend but there are very few certified institutions catering to the need of the individuals willing to undergo training. This happens as students not clear about what they need to look in an SEO training institute. Some non certified institutions are cheating students in terms offering SEO training to them, which doesn’t meet the standards of the industry. Another form of learning SEO, is by watching seo training videos, that can teach you basic to advanced SEO skills.

    6. Future of SEO

    Concept of SEO is something which has clicked among tech savvy students to develop new career opportunities for them. Companies are also looking forward to rope in people who have SEO knowledge to get better online visibility among their competitors.

    “The future of SEO is nothing to be classified in words
    but it’s for us to witness in the days to come”.

    G. Rajesh is a blog editor at http://www.siliconindia.com/, a professional networking website. As the editor, he is responsible for developing new strategies to promote blogs, selecting and featuring best blogs and bloggers. He also provides guidance to bloggers having trouble posting the blogs online.