• SMM Services


    Social Media Marketing

    The emergence and unbelievable popularity of Social Media in the last decade is jaw
    dropping. But how exactly are you going to leverage with the help of Facebook, Twitter,
    LinkedIn, YouTube and other Social Platforms?

    Share, Engage and Communicate!

    • SMM, if implemented correctly, can be one of the most profound methods to
      communicate directly with the target audience
    • SMM is by far the simplest and most ground-breaking method of brand awareness
      and brand recall
    • SMM is a highly customizable activity and each SMM Campaign has to be
      designed keeping the brand, target audience and primary strategy mind. For
      example, a SMM Campaign, which may do wonders for an E-commerce site may
      do zilch for a FMCG product.

    Role of an SMM company should include:


    • Planning relevant and highly customised Facebook Strategy for your company /
    • Designing a highly visual landing page with the perfect textual information formultiplying “Likes”
    • Setting up and managing your Facebook Advertisement Account so that you get
      maximum bang for your buck!
    • Setting goals with regards to the number of fans
    • Engaging the fans and interacting with them by way of posts, polls, pictures,
      videos, etc.
    • Conducting and managing Facebook Giveaways and the like to improve traction
      and test the waters for new products.
    • Integrating your Twitter and Youtube Accounts with Facebook for maximum