• The Killer Role of Social Media Marketing in Today’s Jewelry Industry

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    Companies in the jewelry industry today have taken advantage of social media and the Internet to reach out to a worldwide audience. It actually takes more than just creating your business page in order to secure your company’s online presence. You may have the most attractive website in the world but it won’t make your sales increase if your customers don’t know that it exists.


    Why Use These Tools


    You can say that social media today has put a human and approachable face to many businesses. The business of making jewelry is an intimate and personal industry. Its products usually carry a good deal of expense for its customers. Nevertheless, the very same expensive products are well endeared to the clients who purchase them. Social networking sites today play the important role of being bridges between the companies and their clients.


    Official Social Media Pages


    Many groups and organizations have put up their official social networking pages other than their company’s official website. Some people consider these official pages as some sort of local headquarters in certain web properties. Of course they serve more than just establish a brand or company in the jewelry industry.


    Official pages allow companies to open another window to customers. It sort of lets the customers see more of the company other than the products that they advertise. Jewelry companies can also publish their current events and latest promos. More often than not, news about your company gets noticed a lot faster in social networking sites than anywhere else on the Internet.


    Fan Pages


    Fan pages talk about your company but do not carry its official sanction. They can be started by any of your employees or even one your loyal clientele. These fan pages are important avenues where customers can air out their opinions and interact with others (which should include official representatives from your company).


    A lot of these fan pages act as a forum where people can exchange both their ideas and their experiences. These pages allow you to gauge the market sentiment and should help you decide on your next product design, advertising campaign, or promos. These are avenues where you can see where customers are coming from and make better preparations for future strategies.


    Tweets and Micro Blogging


    Micro blogging allows you to share your company’s latest news and trends faster than your official site’s PR page or even a published press release. Official Twitter and micro blogging accounts of some companies these days play the role of court herald. You can make an official announcement and have the word spread to thousands of followers in just minutes. Best of all, this communication media is usually free.


    However, take note that such things can also backfire on you. Remember that whatever is posted in these micro blogging websites is usually considered as official in today’s standards. You can’t tweet things and expect no responsibility for whatever it is you say. Remember that whatever you post or tweet on the Internet is equivalent of saying it in person. The major disadvantage is that your customers can quote you verbatim.


    Pin Pictures


    Let’s face it; jewelry is always designed to look good. Well then, why not make it picture perfect? Jewelry companies should take fabulous pictures of their products and post or pin them. These pictures can act as an ad for your brand on their own. Players in the jewelry industry should take every opportunity to spread the word to their clients.


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