• Mumbai SEO Expert Series – Success with Keywords (Part 4)

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    For those who have not read Success with Keywords Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, I absolutely insist you do that now before you read any further.

    As I had promised we will continue our keyword discovery journey and try and find additional keywords that could drive business to my website. The next question we ask is very important in today’s competitive world – What is my competition doing?

    While I firmly advocate analyzing the competition for the purpose of finding new keywords that could drive traffic to my website, I feel competition in life is rather unnecessary and a futile attempt “one” makes to feel better that the “other”.

    You need someone to lose, to feel you have won! Have you ever considered why? Somewhere within there is someone who feels rather small, and to feel bigger, it needs to become better at something, and to become better at something, someone needs to be smaller than you. So we compete in the workplace, in our homes, with friends, in love and in life. If that seems lame, it is, look within and you find that someone small inside you, trying to make itself feel bigger, by making someone else look smaller.

    A quick recap… As you can see my keywords list had gone up quite a bit, Seo expert, seo expert mumbai, mumbai seo expert, seo experts in mumbai, seo expert in mumbai, seo expert india, seo experts in india, seo expert in india, seo company mumbai, seo firm mumbai, seo company india, seo services mumbai, seo services in mumbai, seo services india, seo services in india, seo content services mumbai, seo content services india, seo link building mumbai, seo link building india, seo directory services mumbai, seo directory services india, seo consulting mumbai, seo consulting india, seo marketing mumbai, seo marketing india, internet marketing mumbai, internet marketing india, seo jobs mumbai, seo training mumbai, seo training india, seo outsource india, outsource seo india, sem mumbai, sem india, sem services mumbai, sem services india.

    So we are up to 36 keywords that revolve around my business, products, services, location, the target audience, and the Industry.

    Now let’s see what the competition is up to:

    1. Study the keywords your competition has used and are ranking well, and why?

    2. Check to see if you have those keywords in your list of winning keywords. If the competition has used a keywords and you have not, analyze why you did not come up with the keyword. Is your competition using services of a seo expert, keyword analysis tools and insights that you are unaware off?

    3. Study the top 5 to 10 sites for each of your keywords (what seo strategies have they used, is the keyword placed in the meta tags and body content, is their title and description inviting you to click the link)

    4. Check your optimized pages, are they missing something – then ask why is the competition ranking higher than you? Have they done something different? What page optimization strategies have they used? Have they used link building strategies?

    There will always be keywords you would have missed out, so why not steal a few from the competition. It’s the easiest thing to do. Right click to view the source for the page and check for the keyword tag on that page.

    A few keywords that I had missed out (potential traffic churners):

    Seo specialist mumbai, seo specialist india, seo firm mumbai, seo firm india, seo mumbai, seo india, web marketing mumbai, web marketing india, mumbai seo.

    Till so far we have managed to create a list of around 50 great keywords that are focused around my business, my products/services, my target audiences, and my competition. Good job, but the story has not ended, in fact it’s just the beginning.
    Some food for thought for you till the next time we meet…

    From the keywords list I have created so far:

    1. How many users are actually searching for my keywords?

    2. What is the search trend and search volume for my keywords over the past 4 years across top search engines?

    3. What competition am I up against for my keywords?

    That should be enough to keep your brain racking… now I will try and get myself to switch off my notebook and catch some sleep…

    In my next post in this series I will show you tools that can assist you further in finding the right keywords and keyword combinations to drive traffic to your website…. (Continued in Part 5)