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    SupplyChain Consultants

    SupplyChain Consultants

    Supply ChainExpert, Belgium

    CLEARVANTAGE’s global team (Europe, USA, Asia) provides clear solutions allowing companies to reduce overall costs and to improve process efficiencies in a cross-functional way.

    “Nevil is a true specialist in the niche field of SEO. He recognizes the specific needs of his customers and adapts his strategy accordingly yielding into great Google rankings and conversions. I also admire his pro-active approach and capability to bring his services to the “next level”, securing incremental value for his partners in business. He makes great use of the available seo tools and seo software in creating intelligent reports. While I know there are no guaranteed search engine rankings, Nevil and his team deliver their promise. Without any doubt I would certainly recommend this word-class SEO expert to everybody”.- Johan vanHamme, CEO, Clear Vantage

    La Costa Destinations International Realty

    is a full service Punta Cana real estate company located in Bavaro Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, the most popular and fastest growing tourist and investment area in the Caribbean. We offer unique apartments, condos, houses, villas, investment rentals, beachfront, land and land lots for sale on or within walking distance to outdoor activities, the beach, swimming, dining and golf courses.


    Punta Cana Real

    Estate Real Estate Agent, Punta Cana,Dominican Republic

    Kudos to you and to your team! I found Nevil while researching SEO News on India and found his articles and videos.You are the best I have found in the many years I have been in the SEO internet marketing world. Many othercompanies out there promise, promise, promise, but you and your team DELIVER! In the few months we have been working, I can already see the increase in traffic on my site as well as the positioning on all the major search engines. Working with you and your team is like having an in-house team, which very little supervision is required. I was so happy with you and your team that I decided to pay in advance as well as asked for many other services that were not originally included. I am looking forward to my e-book on Why to Invest in the Dominican Republic. Thank you for making my life a lot easier and for all the great work you and your team have done for me. Keep up the good work!Scott Medina, Owner La Costa DestinationsInternational Realty

    RSA Insurance

    Insurance Company, UAE

    The No 1 Insurance Group in UAE for Car Insurance, House and Travel Insurance.

    We started working with Nevil on a 6 months project with the sole aim to increase in-organic search traffic for our retail insurance website. We found him to be extremely capable, diligent and forthcoming with new ideas and activities to ensure we reached the desired state. At the end of the project, we have successfully optimised our website, creating blog content, build quality links and are listed on key search engines for a majority of our keywords. We have just renewed our contract with Nevil for a year to continue the good work done! - Nilanjana Ghosh, Marketing & Communications Manager, RSA

    chlorophyll logo


    Specialists in Brand Building,Consulting, Architecture & Strategy Planning

    ideantity logoBrand Ideantity Book: “The cheapest purchase in the most expensive real estate on earth. The real estate is human memory”
    Avis Oman Logo
    Zahara Oman Logo

    Avis Oman - Car Rentals in Oman

    Zahara Tours - Oman

    Tour Operators

    Zahara Tours, 3 Times winner of the Tourism Venture of the Year Award at the Oman Awards for Excellence.



    “In these highly competitive times one has to be one step ahead at all times may it be your service quality, your product offerings, your product launch or may it be a key differentiator ‘web marketing’.One can understand why several who attempt web marketing give up at some stage….as they do not find much in their returns. However, it has to be understood that web marketing should be effectively managed by a professional. In SEO Expert India we have found an exceptionally bright team led capably by their CEO Nevil Darukhanawala.They take ownership of their efforts and see to it that the results are to the benefit for their client. Their efforts have resulted in a strong surge in our online booking requests in a short time!” - Gautam , Owner (Avis Oman & ZaharaTours)
    London Theatre Direct Logo

    London Theatre

    Tickets, Musical, Dance, Opera, and London Attraction’s tickets.

    LondonTheatreDirect.com is an online theatre ticket agency specialising in discount London theatre tickets. We have been working with Nevil and his team for the past 6 months. Whilst we had already achieved good search rankings over the past 10 years, we wanted to consolidate the work we had already done and build a sound foundation for future years. With the search market changing rapidly, Nevil has shown a depth of understanding second to none.His approach is one of teamwork, of understanding the client’s expectations and giving an honest and realistic assessment of what can be achieved through good SEO practice and a certain amount of patience.We look forward to continuing to work with SEO Expert India in the future.

    - Francis Hellyer, Owner, LondonTheatreDirect.Com

     Engraving Services Australia LogoEngraving ServicesCo

    is an multi Award Winning identification and marking company in Australia. They offer a range of products & services from single item prototyping to mass production of a vast range of engraved, marked or identified products. 

    Our Industrial Engraving processes have been honed through decades of specialist production for clients in the fields of Engineering, Mining, Defence, Electronics, Aviation, Marine and Electrical.

    We have been dealing with Nevil for the best part of 12 months, I must say I  took a stab in the dark after coming across an article by Nevil, then doing some further research on him and his team. Being so far away and having had so many bad experiences locally and overseas made me very wary, but; Sometimes people appear, that not only deliver what they promise, but exceed what they promise. From the very first interaction to the programs Nevil sets up, to follow throughs and email responses.This man is the consummate professional. Nevil delivers in every sense. I quickly learnt that I have found a diamond amongst the sharks. What you see is what you get and more. I delight in receiving his responses, because each one is full of anticipation of a business that will grow. I am also sure in my experience that those that have engaged other firms and are full of themselves in their knowledge that they believe they have the best. Well, that is like shooting ducks in a barrel and quite frankly, I hope they continue to use their high powered firms, because the whole time they do, Nevil and his team will be continuing to drive my business up at the expense of theirs. The beauty is, Nevil does it with dignity, passion, honour, truth and professionalism, all the while simply focussing on his abilities, never does he engage in anything that would be considered un toward or an offence to any other business. Nevil is someone I would want working alongside me in my own company, because he has a refined dignity, he has what we all aspire to in business. The thing is I really don’t want to tell “YOU”  about him, because he is truly a secret weapon, but like all good things in life, they still manage to make their way out into the wider world despite our best efforts to keep them under wraps. Yes, I would recommend his services in a heart beat.

    - Peter Vasic, Owner, EngravingServices Co (Australia)